We Are Carefully Reopening Our Offices

In addition to offering Telemedicine Visits, HVA Medical Group Offices are opening up all locations for In-Person Visits. Your safety is our highest priority as we invite you into our offices. Because we are taking your safety very seriously, you will find that some things will change.

What To Expect

  • We are disinfecting and sanitizing every exam room between patients.
  • We will require you to wear a face mask – and all of our staff will also be wearing face masks.
  • We will ask you to call us from your cell phone when you arrive outside of our office.
  • We will check you in, verify your insurance, take your copay over the phone.
  • We will ask you screening questions when we make the appointment and over the phone after you have arrived.
  • The nurse/medical assistant will ask you questions over the phone before inviting you to come to the office waiting room. They will take your temperature and offer you hand sanitizer before bringing you directly to an exam room to see the doctor.
  • After your visit with the doctor, you may stop for labs in the office, or leave the office directly if you do not have labs ordered.
  • We will follow up with you over the phone to schedule your next appointment and to schedule any testing the doctor ordered for you.
We are taking all of these steps to keep you safe – which makes it possible to see you in person and continue to care for your health during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Our Specialties


Diagnose and treat heart disease.


Regulate hormonal imbalances.


Resolve gastrointestinal issues.


Supporting your hospital stay.

Hematology / Oncology

Treatment of blood disorders. Cancer Care.


Treating the lower extremities.

Primary Care

Where good health begins.


Bone, joint, and muscle care.

Sleep Medicine

More than just a good night’s rest.

Vascular Services

Circulate health.