Telemedicine and COVID-19

As the world continues its fight against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Telemedicine (also referred to as Telehealth) has become the preferred method for healthcare professionals to safely screen individuals who believe they might have COVID-19 prior to coming into a medical office and to treat patients who require care for other ailments. Using computers and smartphones, patients can consult with a doctor from the safety and privacy of their homes. HVA is committed to providing care to all patients by using Telemedicine to the greatest extent possible.

Limited Office Visits During The Pandemic

All HVA Medical Group locations are seeing a very limited number of patients in-person who require urgent treatment and care during the pandemic. Telemedicine is the preferred method for patients who need to speak with one of our doctors. To schedule a Telemedicine appointment, call an HVA Office.

What You Need For Telemedicine Appointments

To participate in a Telemedicine appointment, you will need one of these Internet-connected devices:

  • Smartphone (Apple or Android)
  • Tablet (an iPad, for example)
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with a Webcam and Microphone

Common Questions About Telemedicine

Here are some questions that individuals commonly ask about Telemedicine appointments.

Who conducts Telemedicine appointments?

All of the HVA doctors you normally see in our offices. Call an HVA location to schedule an appointment.

Do I need to be a current patient?

No, we are seeing new patients via Telemedicine appointments. Find an HVA doctor now.

What can I use a Telemedicine appointment for?

In addition to COVID-19 symptoms, you can use a Telemedicine visit to cover new symptoms, a change in your condition, or questions about medications. If you are diabetic, you could review your blood sugars and your diabetes care. You can check on your preventive care and vaccinations standings via Telemedicine. You can even have your surgeon take a look at how you are healing or new wounds.

Does my insurance cover Telemedicine appointments?

In light of the pandemic, many insurance companies have expanded their coverage for Telemedicine visits. Contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage.

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